Find the secret to your motivation!

You’ve decided that today was THE DAY. You’ll change your lifestyle and  by doing plenty of exercise and resisting your junk food binges, you should be set…uh huh…sure…

You watch countless videos on Google, YouTube,  Instagram and ask your friends,  colleagues and family for tips and recommendations.  So many sources of information and yet, you end up scratching your head wondering what is right for you. You must find the answer. The secret to your motivation is what will turn your good intentions into long-term tangible actions.

Indubitably, everyone is unique, having different personalities,  tastes and lifestyles. For that reason, we are naturally inclined to begin our journey with individual activities. Determined,  we subscribe to a Health Club and upon joining,  we are given a «user guide» workout program which basically tells us how to use the equipment.

Unfortunately, it’s bound to failure from the get go because it’s not enough! Look further and seek different options to make sure your training is supervised and closely monitored. You will be progressing in no time and will most likely eliminate the possibility of giving up.

At Carrefour Multisports, our amazing team of experienced kinésiologists is ready to motivate and assist you in your quest for well-being.

Our wonderful trainers will help you  achieve your goals and objectives. They will skillfully provide the best advices to prevent injuries by respecting the body’s biomechanics in every way throughout the execution of the movements. 

Should you required further assistance,  we do have specialists on-site,  exclusively trained to take care of your needs. They will treat any specific conditions (neck, back, shoulder pain etc) as well as any particular situation that requires special attention (injuries, pre or post op, etc).

Without delay, give yourself the best chances of succeeding by being guided and uplifted throughout your «mission». That way,  you’ll explore new avenues and will find your all-time favorite activity with more certainty.

Racquet sports are appealing to you?Carrefour Multisports has a vast diversity of choices. Tennis,  badminton,  squash and racquetball are within your reach. Depending on your abilities and level of playing,  a variety of courses are available to provide the assistance you need to improve or «master» your game and truly enjoy it.

If you’d rather move your body to the sound of music, try our myriad of fitness classes. Varying from a very intense level (Bootcamp,  Hiit,  Pump Power,  Booty-Barre etc) to a more «stress relieving» vibe (Essentrics, yoga, Pilates etc), there’s a class to fit your every mood at Carrefour Multisports.

Speaking of which,  take a peek at our spectacular «Theater style» spinning studio . You would not believe the striking results being developed every day in that room. Year round, watch your V02 MAX reach new heights and your legs building power for your next cycling experience.  You will peak next summer without the shadow of a doubt!

As you stroll around the gym and explore our cutting edge facilities, dont miss our impressive «RING» and discover what a combat sports (such as boxing and kickboxing) can do for you. As you’re learning to punch,  kick and jab, notice how defending yourself is doing wonders on your physique.

You love being in the water? Aquaform classes (Aqua-jog,  Aqua-Zumba,  Aqua-douceur etc) is taught everyday in our newly renovated swimming pool.

After your refreshing dip, let yourself be tempted by our fabulous Pilates studio equipped from A to Z with the best apparatus. Pilates is designed and renowned for achieving better, stronger and healthier bodies and souls. It will increase your flexibility,  strengthen your muscles and release your tensions.

Carrefour Multisport’s group classes are designed to make you enjoy burning tons of calories while socializing and connecting with people. Your favorite instructors are on hand to give you the courage , the fun and the strength to persevere and turn fitness into a habit.

Ultimately, let’s not forget one of the most important part of a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise is great, but without healthy eating,  it is like swimming upstream.

Book a consultation with our excellent nutritionist today! Catherine Gauthier will cater a personalized path for whatever goal you have in mind: weight loss, high performance,  solving digestion issues etc. Attentive and caring, she’ll provide all the necessary information and resources you need.

At Carrefour Multisports,  all our teams want to help you transform your motivation into MOTIV-ACTION!

Sportingly yours,

The Carrefour Multisports

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