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An action-packed summer for your kids at Carrefour Multisports!

By developing many exciting ways to keep our offspring in top shape, Carrefour Multisports impresses one season after the next with their incredible array of junior activities. 

Over the past decade,  we have come to realize that technology has disrupted most of our social habits (among others) resulting in a widespread sedentary lifestyle with its share of negative impacts on physical and mental health. Our new generation is much more isolated than that of its predecessors therefore it is imperative to face this arising phenomenon and find solutions.

At Carrefour Multisports,  we believe in keeping our youth healthy. For that reason,  we offer an impressive selection of sports either in the Progressive programs (all year long) or during the day camp which runs from June to August.


The «tennis-clown» is a world of entertainment for toddlers. They learn to play tennis through games of all sorts, using a foam ball, and of course,  the parents are frequently invited to join the party and share the fun!

The «tennis-évolutifs» is aimed to teach basic skills and technical fundamentals to young kids. 

Well structured,  the lessons are usually given by former elite players and promotes optimal development. 

After only a short while, we can observe how the communication between the children has improved. They show an increased interest in competing and display considerable improvement in their physical condition.


Over the past few years, we made the acquisition of both indoor and outdoor basketball facilities, guaranteeing its fanatics perrenial playing.

This game generates a lot of excitement and promotes the growth of social and strategic skills.

The kids are encouraged to solve problems on their own (if need be) and take part in establishing a task force within the team.

Ultimately, we organize small competitions where we love seeing the parents, watching proudly as their child is presented with their well-deserved medal.

Hockey Cosom 

Carrefour Multisports has a thrilling outdoor alternative to traditional hockey: cosom hockey.

Enjoyed by people of all ages, we invite you to play this cool sport on the premises of the superb Tomahawk Outdoor Club. 


The immense popularity that soccer has accross the world is undeniable. 

Every position on the field has an equal opportunity to handle the ball and it is one of the very few sports where nothing changes for either girls or boys that play.

Our first-class facilities (artificial grass fields, professional dimension goals, night lighting etc) are accessible to Carrefour Multisports day camp as well as our progressive programs and adult leagues. 


Boxing is a excellent full-body workout and is a great way for beginners to build-up some muscle mass.

It also teaches young people discipline and work ethic better than any other sports.

Put your gloves on, climb on our professional «RING», start punching,  jabbing, dodging and who knows…for the fun of it, you might briefly imagine yourself as Rocky Balboa or Lucian Bute!

Day Camp: for sports… and arts!

At Carrefour Multisports,  we always believe in going the extra mile.

Our day camp not only offers an extensive variety of sports, but it also extends its impressive list of activities by providing our children opportunities to develop their creativity through drawing,  music, singing and more.

In order to make a judicious selection,  please consult our full program listings.

At Carrefour Multisports, our #1 priority is to keep your kids safe, active and healthy!

Sportingly yours, 

Otilia Timu
President of Carrefour Multisports 

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