sante dos teletravail
sante dos teletravail

Improve your back health while working from home

As of March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic was taking over our lives, forcing us to stay confined at home and thus transforming our daily life.

We became more sedentary than ever and our daily routine turned into a much less rigorous one.  As a consequence,  most of us moved away from good eating habits by snacking often and munching on whatever we find at hand when opening the fridge or the pantry.

Our qualified nutritionist, Catherine Gauthier,  wants to remind us that even if we stay at home, it is important to maintain healthy eating behaviors by always choosing snacks that are good for our health and our waistline. 

Do you experience neck/back problems due to teleworking?

Our body position while working at home is unfortunately not always adequate and that imminently causes its fair share of pain and injuries. 

In order to maintain the health of our neck and back, certain pre-established standards must be met.

Our INTERGO partners are experts in ergonomics and rehabilitation and they specialize in workstation planning.  They skillfully adjust your work space to your height, carefully check the quality of your chair’s lumbar support and impeccably reposition your computer screen.

Of course,  you might not be inclined to invest in improving your workstation at home because your situation is only temporary. In that case, here are a few tips to avoid chronic back pain caused by spending hours hunched over your computer. 

Our Kinesiologist, Julie Théberge,  an experienced specialist in rehabilitation, has a few basic but precious advices for us. First and foremost, we must absolutely avoid putting the laptop on our knees.

It is better to opt for the kitchen table, choose a chair on which we add a small cushion that leans against your lower back (which mimics the support of an ergonomic chair) and raise the computer screen with books.

In addition to this, Julie stresses the importance of taking short breaks regularly in order to stretch and release tensions.

A few simple movements of the neck and legs are enough to stimulate your blood circulation and make a tremendous difference. 

By going on our online platform,  you will find plenty of easy and effective exercises to help you achieve a better work posture.

Do you want to be more active and take off extra pounds?

Helga, fitness instructor at Carrefour Multisports and professional violonist,  suggests that you schedule at least 3 workouts x 30 minutes per week.

Depending on your physical condition and taste, choose a type of class that you know you will enjoy and will want to continue doing.

Here is a glimpse of what we offer on our exciting online course platform: Yoga, Pilates, Bootcamp,  Spinning,  Zumba, Stretching and many more.

We want to motivate you in your quest for well-being, all the way to your living room!

Our motto at Carrefour Multisports : Stay Active = Stay Healthy 

The team of professionals at Carrefour Multisports

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