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After a very successful summer filled with sports and activities such as our outstanding day camp, we are ending the outdoor season with two important national level events: The Canadian Junior Tennis Championship boys and girls 12-14 yrs old.

We are extremely proud to be the hosts of these prestigious competitions which are the first steps for the youth of today to be the champions of tomorrow.

Take Leyla Fernández for example. During the US OPEN, the Laval resident stood out with her incredible performances and has sparked renewed enthusiasm in Canada for this beautiful sport!

It is therefore with great excitement and pride that we invite you to come to the Canadian Junior Tennis Championship. During the next two weeks, be prepared to get blown away by our young talents as they perform high caliber tennis and offer heart pounding action for you to watch! Entrance is free. The vaccination passport is required on-site.


It's time to think about brightening up the long evenings and weekends of the new season that is already upon us. Opt for tennis, badminton, basketball or swimming and sign up today for one of our Progressive programs (there are only a few places left, you might want to hurry up!!!😉). Additionally, you can also book private lessons with our excellent specialized coaches or simply take advantage of the magnificent courts we have (racket sports/basketball) which are available for rental. Come enjoy Carrefour Multisports with your family or your friends and have an amazing time!

  • Junior Program:
  • Swimming:
  • High Performance 
  • Basketball Reservation: (450) 687-1857 ext. 314
  • Swim lane reservation : (450) 687-1857 ext. 314

Court Reservations For Tennis/Badminton/Squash/Racquetball Here 450-687-1857 ext. 0


Our swimming school gets going on September 17th with a whole new fresh start. Private and Semi-private lessons are at hand for you to choose.

Furthermore, you can also reserve a swimming lane for you or a member of your family at any time.


Please consult our official page to find out interesting and useful "links" as well as our opening hours.

Don't forget to inquire with the sales department (450) 687-1857 ext. 321 about our special offers! The advantageous family package might allure you with its possibilities.

Being at the beginning of the school year, we would like to extend our best wishes of success to all young athletes and campers who took part in our Summer 2021 season.


Looking forward to having you back with us soon!

The Carrefour Multisport's Team

  • Family Practice: Dr Daniel Madani 438-509-3935
  • Esthetician/ Dr Edward : 514 736 7792
  • Careers at Carrefour Multisports
  • Kinesiologist (450) 687-1857 ext. 314
  • Nutritionist (450)687-1857 ext. 314
  • Ergotherapy Intergo (450) 682-2321
  • Azzuan / Health and Wellness / Physical and Mental 514-312-5678 3rd Floor, Office 315
  • Optometrists Opening in November
  • Conference Room Rentals / Events. Vito: 450 687-1857 ext. 330 or (514) 926-0841
  • Office Space. Benjamin and Laurent 514-245-2020
  • Bistro 3095: Annick 514-718-0101
  • Spa and Relaxation (450) 687-1857 ext. 365

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