tennis laval confinement
tennis laval confinement

Playing tennis during confinement

Tennis is a wonderful sport for people who are in reasonably good shape and have a bit of an ambitious streak. As we all know, activities and group classes are suspended during the pandemic,  but you can certainly play games with a tennis pro or a partner!
Actually, you will be delighted that just one hour of ball exchange with an instructor could greatly improve your technique and up your game.
Don’t have/Can’t find a partner? No problem! Carrefour Multisports can take care of it by pairing you with a partner with a compatible skill level.
Bring your kids and your teens to play tennis with you. Playing doubles is allowed when you are part of the same family. As an additional benefit,  you can even rent your racket on-site for a minimal fee. 
As we proceed out of the precautions from covid,  you will be ready to take part in an array of fun tennis-related events as the pandemic is finally behind us. Discover our organized tournaments,  our interclubs and a great number of action-packed amusements for kids of all levels.
As with Badminton, Tennis can be played all winter on inside courts. At Carrefour Multisports in Laval, we look forward to make you discover the joy of playing tennis.
During the warmer weather, (as you get more and more into this great sport) you will likely want to continue playing and maintain the enjoyment, conditioning and skills you have acquired.
In those months, The Tomahawk (an outdoor Summertime Club) hosts several activities that are available to everyone: Tennis on clay and regular courts, soccer and basketball games, hockey leagues,  junior activities,  day camps, tennis camps and even, large-scale events and shows!
Be sure to stay tuned-in on events and offerings by visiting our new website. Check out our various program schedules to find one the fits you. You can always reach us calling us directly, we’ll be glad to cater to your fitness needs! Welcoming newcomers and members into the Carrefour Multisport’s community is always our greatest pleasure.
Enjoy this beautiful winter by taking advantage of this opportunity to stay active and healthy!

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