badminton laval famille
badminton laval famille

Come play Badminton in Laval and bring your family and your friends!

We are always trying to find new ways to connect with our kids and our relatives. During confinement,  finding activities that are fun-filled,  active and healthy can be a good way to get closer.
Why not play a racquet sports like Badminton or Tennis?
Badminton is a fun sport! Having a lighter racquet and a smaller, easy-to-cover court, it is suitable for all ages. 
For these reasons, children especially love playing badminton. After just a few short lessons, everyone can enjoy rewarding and pleasant games.
As an additional benefit, you can rent your racket on-site for a minimal fee 
without the expense of purchasing one!
During confinement,  it is permitted to play doubles as long as the players are from the same family. Double play! Double fun!
In a world where kids and grown-ups are glued to their tablets and computer screens, a Badminton game will allow you to get out there and have a great time exercising. 
Play at your own pace! No need to be competitive to have a blast, burn calories and on top of that, your body will produce tons of endorphins (you know that hormone that is so beneficial for our mental health). You will sleep better and be full of energy!
Badminton is also an excellent way to develop your reflexes, your coordination and is very effective in strengthening the abdominal muscles. 
Come play Badminton at Carrefour Multisports in Laval! Carrefour Multisports has four international standards courts ready and available for members and non-members

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